Where do you see uniqueness?

Look at snow, smile, and say thank you for the reminder of your uniqueness even among similar things.

Where do you see uniqueness?

Hi Everyone,

Every now and then, I flip through my journal or browse through my digital notes app. Sometimes, I browse through them to see where my mind was at in the moment, and other times I stumble upon things that I forgot I had written. More often than I would like to admit, I find forgotten poems, incomplete sentences, completed short stories, and quarter finished books. I was browsing through my digital notes app yesterday, and stumbled on this thought I wrote on January 17, 2018. I  decided to share it since winter is ending.

How many times do we complain about winter? Or about how cold it is? We talk about the beauty of spring, summer, and fall, but often gripe about winter.

One day, while taking a walk in Michigan,  I noticed something about the snow. It didn't look like the snow I grew up with in New York; it was different (very sparkly). After that walk, I stopped complaining about winter, and just started to appreciate the season for what it was and the life reminders that it provided me.

Below is what I wrote (I cleaned it up a bit for clarity).

Enjoy the last days of winter,



My attitude towards snow changed the night I saw the snow dancing, sparkling, and glistening.

Wow, it was beautiful. And I said that aloud "wow" and I recalled that every snowflake is different.

There I was in Michigan, where it snows a ton and I looked around me. I looked at all that glistening snow and realized that I was witnessing a miracle.

If every snowflake is unique, then amazingly I was in the midst of uniqueness on a mass scale. A miracle. A work of a genius architect who sends reminders that every thing has a place and together it can make a whole.

No wonder Michigan is so green during the spring and summer; the snow is prepping the soil.

I now look at snow, smile, and say thank you for reminding me of my uniqueness even among similar things.