Proof I finish things

Experiments serve as a proof of concept for finished projects.

Proof I finish things

Hi Everyone,

For the longest time I would feel discomfort that I was a generalist aka a jack of all trades. I have many hobbies, I am a life long learner, and I am a curious person. Instead of seeing these as gifts, I previously saw them as a character flaw. I thought because I would start some projects, but not finish all of them that it was a sign that I couldn't execute or I was a procrastinator.

I tried for years to create the perfect system that would allow me to finish all my projects, dreams, and ideas.  But it didn't fully work. Yes, I was more focused and yes, I was more efficient with my time, but I still was not finishing all my projects.

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There came a point in time, when I had to accept that there was no problem. After stumbling across some of my old notebooks and listening to a few podcasts, I realized that a lot of my unfinished projects evolved into new projects that I finished. It was these started ideas - which I now consider experiments - that served as a proof of concept for my finished projects.  

I also realized that as someone who works in programs and operations, I need to know a little of everything to make sure that the systems in organizations are functional. I've chosen to work in economic development and entrepreneurship and it is important that I stay on top of trends and tools.

As my perspective and mindset over being a generalist shifted; I realized that my knowledge, my ideas, and my dreams were valid: "If a tree fell and no one was there to hear it, did it make a sound?" Yes; it did make a sound because I (the tree) heard it.

I recently started exploring and learning Airtable for work, but now I am also using it for personal development purposes.

I created a database template called "Proof I Finish Things: An Idea Tracking System" to list out all the ideas I have from dreams to completion; to keep track of my "sounds". This database serves as a reminder to myself that I do finish things and that I also start a lot of things as well. And that is beautiful in itself because it has led to a wonderful and creative journey professionally and personally.

This template is meant to serve as a guide for how you could possibly track your ideas. I have one view that lists the ideas and relevant information (concept date, status, image, etc). Another view, is by status so I can visually see the stage of the idea. The final view is a gallery of all my finished projects so I can be reminded of my wins.

The Airtable is just a snippet of how I would organize/track ideas that I have had. If you have Airtable, you can copy the base or download it as a csv file. I hope you use it and if you do let me know.

Are you a generalist or a specialist? What are you currently starting or finishing and can I help you in any way?