How do you meditate?

A reflection on what it means to meditate to various genres and sounds.

How do you meditate?

Hi Everyone,

When I started getting more serious about my meditation practice, a friend would keep me accountable. Daily, he would say "did you take your meds?" Meds for him meant meditation. From that moment on, I would always say to him "I took my meds today" or "I forgot to take my meds".

Overtime, I have learned to be flexible with the type of "meds" I take. I find a lot of times I do not want to meditate to silence or elevator music. A lot of times I want to meditate to different genres.

So I started to curate meditation lists on Spotify that fit my different moods. I chose tracks that vary in length and style of music.

Playing on my friend's words. I call the collection of playlists: Ensemble Meds, Jazzy Meds, Natural Meds, Rhythmic Meds, and Vocal meds.

I also share below a poem I wrote to describe the feelings I have about meditation and sounds.

Do you meditate? What kind of sounds do you meditate to?


To Meditate

Since the beginning of time
Movement has existed
They say to sit still
Be one
Tap into your higher self
Be silent
Sit in silence
Listen to calming sounds
THIS is to meditate
They say

What if to meditate meant to move?
Go with the flow?
Move like an artist
Move like a dancer
Move like the wind

What if to meditate meant to move?
Go with the flow?
Move with the anxious thoughts
Move with the quickness of the heart
Move with the erratic breath

Since the beginning of time movement has existed.
Where on Earth is there complete stillness?
Where on Earth has movement not existed?

Expand what it means to meditate.
Choose a length that fits your schedule:
2, 6, 10, 14, 22, 30 minutes
Choose a playlist that fits your mood:
Jazz, Vocals, Ensembles, Nature, Rhythms

Now sit with the movement of your choosing
Watch thoughts come in and out to the flow of the sounds
Who is to say to meditate means to sit in boredom

To meditate is to move.

-- Lisa-Marie Pierre