How do you grow?

Growth and transformation does not end after leaving school. Growth and transformation develops and evolves over time and with age.

How do you grow?

Hi Everyone,

How do you grow? One of my values is growth. I believe that growth and transformation does not end after leaving school. Growth and transformation develops and evolves over time and with age. When it comes to growth, I like to read on subjects that I find interesting, listen to podcasts that might be informative, and try a new hobby every year. It is a way to stretch myself, a way to find patterns between different topics, and a way to come up with new ideas.

I consume a lot of content over the course of a year and there are some that stand out to me for various reasons. I decided to share what helps me develop a growth mindset. I'm calling this digest, "Learn. Grow. Pass"

See below an excerpt of the first volume and first issue. I hope you enjoy and share.

Here is the full PDF.

Have a great December and I will write to you again in 2019,


G  U  I  D  E

  1. Origins
  2. The Past
  3. The Present
  4. The Future

O  R  I  G  I  N  S

Stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end; sometimes they have an epilogue or turn into a series.

What about mindsets or knowledge? What's the process?

I have a philosophy of Learn. Grow. Pass. Which is a philosophy I have practiced my entire life.

  • I gain knowledge, information, skills, or resources. (Learn)
  • I put into practice this knowledge, information, skills, or resources. (Grow)
  • After, I've gained a handle on the topic, I share the knowledge, information, skills, or resources. (Pass)

Sometimes, I pass as I'm learning and growing and other times I wait until I fully understand.

But at the end of the day, I believe what we gain, we should pass along to our family, friends, and community.

Over the years, I've shared reviews of events, articles, books, quotes, parables, my process, etc. I recently decided to take the information I gained, organize it, and put it into one place.

I always have people asking me for resources. I thought releasing an annual digest of things that helped me grow and transform my mindset might be helpful to others.

I'll reflect on the year past, the current year, and look forward to the next year.

Overall, think of it as a highlight of things I consumed to help me grow.

I hope you take something from this digest. I call it Learn. Grow. Pass




P.S. TAG, you're it. Time for you to pass something along. Share this digest or share in the comments something you learned in 2018.

T H E  P A S T

How far in the past do I go?

Well, let me start with 2015-2017. I feel that marked a new stage in my life. I transferred from Arizona State University to Michigan State University, I ended a long-term relationship, and seven people directly related to me or in my circle passed away. Oh, and I realized I had depression. The last few years have been emotionally and cognitively demanding. Getting a PhD, running around depressed and not knowing it, and dealing with a lot of change is not fun. As someone who keeps in emotions, it was a lot to handle.

But I don't want to paint a pity picture. While I had challenging situations occur in my life, I also discovered my personal strength and resilience and the power of community.

I discovered efficient ways to learn and work. I learned how to communicate with people who think differently than me. I learned how to respond to conflict. I learned how to figure things out on my own, yet I also learned how to ask for help. I learned who was in my corner and who was not. I learned that mindfulness is a powerful tool. It also marked the first time in my life that I consistently kept up with a meditation and journaling practice.

I learned that when channeled the right way, I am a creative, empathetic, bold, and courageous leader. I like that, and I want to continue growing in that way.

My friend and I always laugh that I'm not a time traveler. Whenever I get stuck thinking about the past, we joke and say "no time traveling." But what if we could travel in time? Would it be for the better? I think the past is gone and it's just a memory, but reflection is a powerful tool. I started off this digest with reflecting on past events and feelings because it sets the stage for my present and future situations. While, mindfulness has helped me stay focused and present, every now and then I don't mind dipping into the past and reflecting on how it will transform and groom me for the present and future.

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