Breathing gratitude

When stuck in the past or dreaming of the future, don't forget to be in the present and just breathe.

Breathing gratitude

Hi Everyone,

This week, I was watching an episode of the show 'This is Us', which airs on NBC. This particular episode was a flashback to Vietnam. During one of the scenes, a solider states:

"It's a funny thing that we forget sometimes. We're so scared that we are going to die, we forget to do the thing that keeps us alive. Breathe." - Mr. Robinson, This is Us (on NBC).

That line stood out to me because often times I find myself stuck in the past or dreaming of the future and I forget to be in the present moment and just breathe. With the pressures of work, the responsibilities of the home, and the bombardment of injustice around the world, it is easy to be scared, nervous, hurried, and just forget to take a moment to breathe.

Whenever you are in a space where you are scared, hurried, pressured, worried, or nervous, take three deep breaths and remember that you are alive. You have another day to make progress.

We don't know what the future holds, but we do have choices. We have the choice to live boldly and continue breathing; knowing that things do get better.

I hope that during this month of November, you take the time to create space for yourself and to express gratitude to those around you.

I thank all of you for continuing to read this newsletter and blog.


Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash