What truth are you holding within your heart & soul?

Expression and being expressive means using words, sounds, and visuals to share the truth that you hold within your heart and soul.

What truth are you holding within your heart & soul?
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Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year.

A couple of years ago, I started to rethink resolutions and since then, it's my practice to choose a theme for the year.

Rethinking Resolutions in the New Year
No longer set lofty goals that have to be completed in a year. Decide to focus on themes, a broader, more general idea that isn’t rigid.

For 2022, I am expressive. I am speaking up, I am speaking out, and I am listening deeply. To me, expression and being expressive means using words, sounds, and visuals to share the truth that I hold within my heart and soul. Each day I work toward upholding my power and shining my light.

I was cleaning my room last night and found a note I wrote to myself on May 30, 2020. On that day, inspired by The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, I wrote, “Ok Creative force, you take care of the quality, I’ll take care of the quantity.”

No longer am I stuck in the mud of perfection.

I know that my creations will come forth because I am committed to creating. I am sharing my creations via this newsletter, via Instagram, and via the website.

In the spirit of expression, I am introducing some new sections in the newsletter. Below you will find:

  • What I’m reading
  • What I’m thinking
  • What I’m learning
  • What I’m exploring
  • What I’m up to

It’s not an exhaustive list, but a list of what I keep returning to the most. To start us off, below are the highlights from 2021.

Let me know what you think of this format. Anything you would like to see more or less of?

What are your plans for 2022?

***Lisa-Marie, Ph.D.


What I'm Reading

I am interested in new business models and this article caught my eye because it described the business models of digital companies. These new companies are using the best of marketplaces, networks, and software as a service.

How to develop your leadership style (Harvard Business Review, a few free articles a month)

Along with becoming a better writer, I am always working on my leadership skills. This article caught my eye because it provides steps and examples of how to effectively combine powerful and attractive signals to develop a leadership presence. 

My journey to becoming a better writer has taken me down many paths. This book is the latest stop. Becoming a better writer not only includes becoming a better reader, but becoming a better note taker. The system provided in this book is guiding me in my journey.

How to build a strategic narrative (Harvard Business Review, a few free articles a month)

Lima Pea Co. is an evolving expression of my creativity and thoughts. I am working on doing a better job of articulating what it is I am doing over here. This article provides a template and some structure for how I would like to showcase the website.

The project economy has arrived (Harvard Business Review, a few free articles a month)

One of the first skills I developed was project management. This article makes a case that the future economy will be a project economy. It was helpful to read the skills that I might need as I move forward managing projects. 


What I'm Thinking

I’m always doodling and writing out thoughts in my notebook and since last year I’ve been exploring the concept of digital gardening. A digital garden is a collection of interlinking and evolving ideas shared online.

After testing out several platforms, I landed on Amplenote for where my musings will live. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to embed my notes as a stylesheet onto my website so that it can update live, show the bidirectional links, and a person would not have to make an Amplenote account. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it on my Lima Pea Co. site which runs on the Ghost platform, but I should be able to embed it via my Lisa-Marie Pierre portfolio site which runs on the Wordpress platform.

Hopefully by the February newsletter, I will have this figured out, but in the meantime here is the link (let me know if you can read it).


What I'm Learning

Save your energy and create something once and then sell it twice. For example a published book. Some people will want to just buy the book and read it. Others will want to know how you published the book. Sell the product and the process. *Note, I just have read the articles on this website, I haven't purchased the course (yet). 

A digital garden is a collection of interlinking and evolving ideas shared online. Digital gardening is about learning in public and less about performative blogging, and more about sharing thoughts at all stages. 

The entrepreneurial resources that exist in a community can operate separately, but bringing together all the elements forms an interconnected system that functions as a whole.

How we as a society interact and function virtually will eventually evolve into a real-time interconnected 3-dimensional space. The capabilities and technology and even the definitions are still in the infancy stages.

The future is collaborative. Instead of solutions being worked on in the confines of an organization's lab, solutions to challenges will be open to anyone regardless of expertise and worked on outside the lab. The idea is that the diversity of experiences and thoughts from anyone can help with innovation.

The movement to work together is here. This exists in the form of cooperatives, mutual aid, and other collective forms of working together.

When the Web first came to be, people mostly consumed information on static websites(Web1), currently people consume and create on the web via corporate owned servers(Web2), emerging is the idea that people can consume, create, and own the Web by creating networks that don't require the large corporations - cutting out the middleperson(Web3).


What I'm Exploring

Ghost resources, stories and ideas about indie publishing.

NoteApps, 27 best note taking apps analyzed over 273 features.  

Diátaxis framework, a systematic framework for technical documentation authoring.

Odyssey Dao, a free Web3 learning platform.

O*NET Interest Profiler, explore interests and discover career paths based on level of experience.  

The David Prize, $200,000 for New Yorkers- deadline 1/3/22.

The Handbook of Handbooks, for decentralised organising.

Open Source Software Virtual Incubator,  a grant opportunity for open source software ideas.


What I'm Up To

  • In March 2021, a book chapter I wrote was published. It's called Speculating Sustainability: Framing Octavia E. Butler's science fiction writing with sustainability issues.
  • In October 2021, I graduated from the CORO New York Neighborhood Leadership Program and was chosen by my peers to be one of the cohort graduation speakers.
  • In October 2021, I released a guided journal that I am self-publishing. It's called the Intellectual Will: A guided journal for self-discovery in uncertain places.