About Lima Pea Co.

Though some parts of society face economic injustice, there is opportunity for leaders to transform communities into spaces where underestimated people and places have access to resources for fully engaging in a changing economy.

We believe that opportunities exist for leaders who envision social change, believe in justice for all, and use technology for social good.

Lima Pea Co. (pronounced LEE-Ma-Pee) is a leadership development firm clearing pathways for those building social impact.

We are histofuturists, exploring past realities and imagined futures. We are on a mission to share information and knowledge that clears pathways for those building social impact.

At Lima Pea Co., we help leaders execute their visions by leaning on our talents of planning/optimization, connection, communication, and giving.

As planners/optimizers, we help leaders discover opportunities, build foundations, and improve existing systems.

As connectors, we link leaders together and link leaders to strategies.

As communicators, we create and amplify stories about leaders and transfer knowledge.

As givers, we believe in giving back to pioneers of liberation; those who believed in people over profit. 8% of profits is donated to Grown in Haiti, a Haiti-based organization that promotes reforestation and community development.

We are guided by five core beliefs

Lima Pea. Co values listed in a rectangle box with orange, yellow, and blue color blocks. - Work together, Love to to Learn, Pursue Radical Self-Love, See Clearly, Ask Questions-

As creative dream-architects and knowledge brokers, we provide guidance for leaders.

Stories & Strategies for Leaders

We explore what it means to create change within the self and in our communities. Stories and strategies exploring people, places, how they change and what methods to take to create that change.

We explore these ideas through a three-prong change framework of self-discovery, collective growth, and knowledge sharing.

We are currently exploring self-discovery via our Intellectual Will system and in the future will explore collective growth through our Collectively Upward framework, and knowledge sharing through our Histofuturism framework.

About the Founder


Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa-Marie, the founder of Lima Pea Co.

I'm driven by a desire to connect people to resources that helps them reach their ambition(s).

I understand the importance of how access to spaces that promote advancement can over time shape the development of meaningful communities. Lima Pea Co. is an evolving creative expression of my desire to encourage leaders from underrepresented groups to authentically step into their personal or professional power. I hope to demonstrate to leaders that they can reach wealth creation and freedom without exploiting people or the planet.

My belief system is rooted in nature, my Haitian culture, my first-generation American experiences growing up on Long Island, NY, and my education.

I am a proud alumna of Sacred Heart Academy, Spelman College, the University of Miami, and Michigan State University.